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Making it happen – Central European North-South Infrastructure Corridor


At a time when energy security is at the top of the political agenda and infrastructure investments are widely acknowledged as a powerful driver of growth and competitiveness as well as a fundamental pillar of European integration, various grand political plans are discussed in Europe's policymaking circles. However, many of these ambitious plans have little chance of ever becoming reality. The North-South Corridor must not become another such project, for it is too important to Central and Eastern Europe and the EU.

Thus, this paper goes beyond reaffirming the sound political rationale of the Corridor and sets out to answer the fundamental question: How can we make it happen?

Our analysis looks at selected specific energy transmission projects which are part of the backbone of the North-South Corridor, i.e. the implementation of a North-South Backbone Natural Gas Pipeline connecting various Central European markets and tapping new upstream supply from e.g. LNG terminals in Poland and Lithuania as well as a future Adriatic LNG hub (e.g. Krk, Croatia).

Moreover, we assess the implementation of additional high-voltage transmission lines to connect the energy island of the Baltic States via Poland with other countries, and major oil pipeline projects in the region. To facilitate an understanding of how critical parts of the Corridor can be financed and eventually implemented, the report reviews technical and financial project characteristics as well as the merits of their underlying business cases.


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