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Mastering the transformation journey


The competitive business environment is faster and more aggressive today than ever before. This can be seen in the staying power of companies listed on the S&P 500 index: While in 1920 they used to average a 65-year stay on the index, today that figure has been slashed to ten years. In 2027 75% of today's S&P 500 companies will no longer be on the index. "New conditions and circumstances can erode a company's position in no time at all," says Dr. Tim Zimmermann, Senior Partner at Roland Berger. "The maxim "never change a winning team" is no longer valid. This can lead to an organization losing touch with the market – a phenomenon we call strategic drift," adds Berger Senior Partner Michel Vlasselaer.

To deal with the consequences of strategic drift before it is too late, Vlasselaer, Zimmermann and their international team of experts at Roland Berger have created a five-tiered approach, which they describe in this publication entitled “Mastering the Transformation Journey. A comprehensive guide to reinventing companies”. Unique to the Roland Berger approach is the focus on leadership in the transformation process and a new definition of the role of an advisor: more tour guide and less consultant as the transformation process needs to come from within the organization.


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