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Automotive Insights 01.2015


A transition phase, a sea change, a revolution – the recent developments in the automotive industry have been called many things. But what is clear is that something big is happening: our industry experts around the globe are seeing digitization cause a blurring of lines between traditional OEMs, suppliers and new players from the software and IT industry. Innovative technologies, services and business models are emerging and market positions are being redefined in many quarters.

Is it evolution or revolution? This is the question we examine in the latest issue of "THINK ACT Automotive Insights" with the cover story DIGITAL DRIVE – THE FUTURE OF AUTOMOTIVE. We reveal where data-driven changes are impacting the business of OEMs and suppliers – in areas such as automated driving and multichannel marketing. We also interview a representative of one of the new market players – Uber – to find out what he expects from a digitized automotive industry.


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