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European Private Equity Outlook 2016


The continued availability of inexpensive debt financing and positive sentiment concerning the overall economic situation in Europe serve to roll the cautiously optimistic mood in the private equity (PE) industry over into 2016. Almost two thirds (64%) of companies anticipate more M&A transactions with PE involvement, especially in Germany, Iberia and Italy. Growing numbers of PE managers also think that their industry is back to being as robust as it was before the financial crisis. Nevertheless, 40 percent of firms believe their business model still needs adaptation and improvement. These are the key findings of the "European Private Equity Outlook 2016", for which the experts from Roland Berger conducted a poll of industry professionals, as in previous years.

"As of the end of 2015, the PE industry appears to be rather unconcerned by the overall economic situation," said Roland Berger Partner Christof Huth, who interviewed investors across Europe with his Investor Support Team. "Most firms even expect this year to be a significant improvement on 2015." PE investors do not expect any reduction in the availability of cheap financing compared to 2015 either. "That said, our survey does indicate a growing concern about Europe's political stability. This is primarily what will influence how many transactions actually complete this year."

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