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Delivery Model 2.0 - vision for the future business model


Telcos are under intense pressure. Merely to react to new competitors, to growing complexity, and to increasingly exacting customer requirements is not to answer the fundamental question, which is where and how they aim to earn money in the future. A reorientation of the entire company is required.

This reorientation toward a successful Delivery Model 2.0 is a two-stage process that first requires a clear idea of where the focal points of business are to be in the future. Core issues in this regard are:

  • How is the market environment going to change – user behavior, complexity of offers, competitive structures?
  • What part is the company to play in the future communication-information-entertainment complex?
  • Which key changes will prevail on the product and/or service side?
  • What are the company's core competences? What added value is it to deliver?
  • How is it to set itself apart from the rest of the market?

The answers to these questions will provide a clear idea of the future shape of the company that will have a decisive influence on its appearance and success in the years to come.

So a great deal is at stake en route to a Delivery Model 2.0 that is comprehensively geared to what the customer has in mind. It is no less than the entire corporate organization, including all in-house processes and all areas in which the customer interacts specifically with the company. And even if all areas collaborate smoothly, that alone is still no guarantee of success. Even a lean and efficient company absolutely needs a visionary view of which target groups are to be addressed by which services and where the focal points of business activity are to lie in the future.


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