French-German Business Forum 2019, Berlin, Germany

French-German Business Forum 2019, Berlin, Germany

October 29, 2019 - October 30, 2019

Key focus: Europe in the global fabric

Since 2014, the French-German Business Forum (FGBF) brings together more than 250 representatives from business, politics and the media. Managers, entrepreneurs and young decision-makers from corporations, SMEs and start-ups join this annual gathering to discuss current politico-economic challenges.

French-German Business Forum 2019, Berlin, Germany


The United States are moving away from Europe, while China's relationship with the rest of the world is marked by ever-increasing self-confidence. At a time of growing systemic conflicts and power struggles, the question arises whether and how Europe can position itself and to what extent it is in danger of being caught in the crossfire of global tensions. However, there is no doubt that a strong, effective EU will depend on a functioning and active partnership between France and Germany.

"Recharge: A new battery for Franco-German economic strategy?"

On Wednesday, October 30, our Managing Partner Stefan Schaible will participate in the first panel of the day, together with Nicolas Peter (CFO, BMW) and chaired by Hans-Jürgen Jakobs (Handelsblatt) and Dominique Seux (Les Echos). The focus will be European industrial policy using the example of the production of batteries for electric vehicles. Stefan will direct the discussion to topics that tend to receive less attention in the public discourse. This includes, for example, the question of access to critical raw materials needed for battery production , as well as sustainability issues of supply chains in addition to economic aspects.

Apart from Stefan and Nicolas Peter, this year's speakers include Antoine Bouvier (Director of Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions and Public Affairs, Airbus), Evelyne Freitag (CFO, Sanofi-Aventis), Hervé Guillou (CEO, Naval) and Stefan Stroh (CDO, Deutsche Bahn).

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Senior Partner, Global Managing Partner
Frankfurt Office, Central Europe