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Navigating through the complex world of AI and data strategies

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In today's dynamic business landscape, the fusion of data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) has ushered in a new era of unprecedented possibilities. Access to a wealth of information promises new insights, efficiency gains from automation, and potential competitive advantage. What remains scarce, however, is the luxury of time.

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As organizations embrace the transformative power of AI technologies and data analytics, they also face a host of intricate challenges that require careful consideration. At Roland Berger, we recognize that every business's journey into AI and analytics is unique, and the obstacles encountered can be as diverse as the industries they serve. Our experts specialize in guiding companies through this complex transformation, offering tailored solutions to address these critical challenges.

Define the vision: Conceptualizing a comprehensive and cohesive data strategy that aligns with your organization's objectives is essential. Developing an analytics blueprint that defines how data is collected, managed, and leveraged is a strategic challenge which must be carefully balanced.

Establish the right data governance: Establishing robust data governance policies and practices is essential to manage data and AI applications effectively, ensure data quality, and maintain compliance with data protection regulations.

Ensure data quality and availability: Ensuring data is not only plentiful but also accurate and reliable is a fundamental challenge. Inconsistent or incomplete data can lead to misguided decisions, hindering the potential of data analytics strategies and AI.

Excel at data integration: Many organizations grapple with data scattered across various platforms and silos. Effective data integration is essential to unlock the full potential of AI and enable a comprehensive overview of business operations.

Identify value-generating applications: One of the initial hurdles is identifying where and how AI and data can bring value to the organization. Recognizing the right use cases and understanding their potential impact is a challenge that demands strategic clarity.

Transition to data-driven decision making: Shifting from intuition-driven to data-driven decision making is a fundamental cultural and operational change. Building a data-centric culture that relies on evidence can be met with resistance and organizational inertia.

Cope with talent shortages: The scarcity of skilled AI, analytics, data science and data engineering professionals poses a formidable barrier. Competing for and retaining top talent can be challenging, hampering an organization's capabilities.

Harness the power of data to take your business to the next level

Roland Berger's data analytics consulting services harness AI-powered, data-driven solutions to transform organizations. Our diverse team has longstanding expertise in data science, data engineering, digital analytics and software development. By operating at the intersection of technology and strategy, we offer a unique blend of technical skills and business insight, enabling us to turn complex data into insightful, actionable strategies. This helps customers make informed decisions and foster innovation, which can unlock potential, stimulate growth and navigate the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Our AI and data analytics strategies

Our consulting solutions span a wide spectrum of services tailored to each customer's unique needs. We cover all areas of advanced digital analytics, including data strategy, (generative) AI, machine learning, statistics, data governance and econometrics. And our capabilities range from developing data infrastructure and devising data management strategies to solution design, prioritization and implementation. Whether improving operational efficiency, creating new revenue streams, enhancing marketing and customer experience or driving product innovation, our data-driven consulting solutions provide the necessary insights and tools for each client.

The team behind your success

Our team of digital experts consists of data analytics consultants, data scientists, data engineers and software engineers, each bringing unique strengths to a multidisciplinary consulting approach. We firmly believe in collaboration and continually invest in our team members' growth and development to stay at the forefront of technological advances.

We have a broad range of backgrounds and capabilities, enabling us to navigate complex challenges and deliver innovative, practical data strategies that drive tangible business outcomes. Beyond technology, Roland Berger is also home to economists, mathematicians and other specialists, ensuring that we can provide the best team for every data-related challenge.

Why trust us to empower your transformation?

We understand and anticipate each client's needs so we can deliver bespoke, scalable digital solutions aligned with your strategic objectives. Our track record of successful project execution demonstrates our ability to deliver results that exceed our customers' expectations. With us, you are choosing a strategic consulting partner committed to leveraging data and AI for sustainable growth.

What's next?

Are you ready to unlock your data's untapped potential? Contact us and discover how our AI-powered, data-driven analytics solutions can propel your business to the next level. Embark on your data journey with us and transform your business challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

How we helped other clients
Online platform:

For a large digital platform, we curated a wholly data-driven pricing strategy, leading to a substantial revenue increase. Additionally, we initiated novel product bundling schemes & payment models to broaden their market appeal to entirely new customer demographics.

Oil refinery:

For a global oil refinery business, we built a forecasting model predicting raw material prices using the latest artificial intelligence algorithms. In addition to standard financial market data, we apply large volumes of industry news information via natural language processing to predict market movements driven by sentiment. This combination of a large variety of data sources, back-testing and model training allows our model to recognize shifts in market trends, capture market movements and provides our client with price predictions outperforming human estimations to steer the refinery procurement process.

Retail chain:

For a leading European retail chain, we analyzed customers' transactional data using a variety of machine learning algorithms. This in-depth analysis equipped our client with a deep understanding of their customers at an individual level, allowing them to detect and respond to shifts in customer preferences proactively and promptly.

Sovereign wealth fund:

For a leading sovereign wealth fund, we developed a custom, quantitative, data-driven economic impact assessment methodology implemented in an end-to-end automated software tool. This allowed our client to ensure the individual projects the fund undertakes support their long-term strategic objectives and growth vision, while ensuring standardization and reliability of the results.

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