Unlocking potential with tailored sports consulting

Unlocking potential with tailored sports consulting


Comprehensive services for sport sector stakeholders

In the rapidly evolving world of sports, staying ahead of the game is not just an advantage—it's a necessity. Our sports consulting services are designed to help sports sector stakeholders including Sport Ministries, National Olympic Committees, Federations, Clubs and others not only meet their current challenges but also anticipate future opportunities. Whether you're looking to optimize team performance, enhance fan engagement, or maximize revenue streams, our team of seasoned consultants offers the expertise and insights needed to achieve sustainable success.

Our sports consulting services are comprehensive and designed to address the multifaceted challenges and opportunities within the sports industry. Here's an overview of the diverse range of services we offer:

Strategy and Planning

  1. National and Regional Sport Strategies: We create strategies that support and elevate sports at the national and regional levels, bridging policy objectives with community aspirations. Our aim is to orchestrate a unified vision that fosters local talent, upgrades sports infrastructure, and encourages mass participation.
  2. Discipline-Specific Strategies: Recognizing the unique demands and opportunities of different sports disciplines. From optimizing training regimes to providing state-of-the-art facilities and scientific support, our strategies are designed to nurture talent and foster a winning mentality.
  3. Institutional Strategies: Our strategic plans for sports institutions are focused on anticipating future trends and fostering a culture of innovation. We help institutions remain agile and effective in a rapidly evolving sports environment.

Major Events:

  1. Event legacy planning: We guide organizations in developing and implementing strategies that ensure major sporting events leave a lasting positive impact. Our approach focuses on delivering sustainable benefits to the local community and economy, transforming events into catalysts for long-term growth and development.
  2. Bidding strategy: Our experts provide comprehensive support in crafting compelling bids to host sports events. We focus on maximizing the chances of success by aligning the bid with broader strategic goals and showcasing the unique value propositions of the hosting organization or location.
  3. Enhancing fan engagement: We design innovative solutions to enhance fan engagement and satisfaction, turning every event into a memorable experience that strengthens loyalty and brand value.
  4. Event feasibilities and impact assessment: We assess the feasibility and potential impacts of proposed sporting events, enabling informed decision-making and strategic alignment.

People and Organization

  1. Operating model and governance: We design effective operating models and governance structures to optimize management practices and enhance policy implementation.
  2. Manpower planning and process design: Our strategic manpower services ensure the alignment of talent with organizational goals, complemented by streamlined processes that boost efficiency and adaptability.

Deals and Investments

  1. Sport investment strategies: We identify lucrative investment opportunities within the sports sector, offering strategies that manage risks and maximize returns.
  2. Commercial and financial due diligence: Our comprehensive due diligence services ensure that all investments are sound, based on detailed financial and commercial assessments.
  3. Privatization strategies: We guide sports organizations through the process of privatization, maximizing value and facilitating smooth transitions.

Project Management

  1. PMO design and setup: We specialize in designing and setting up Project Management Offices (PMOs) that revolutionize project management in sports organizations. Unlike traditional spreadsheet-driven approaches, our PMOs are carefully crafted to drive transformation and instill a culture of delivery.
  2. PMO operations and secondments: By facilitating standardized, action-oriented meetings and maintaining a relentless focus on value creation, our PMO operations enhance project delivery and ensure sustainable success in the ever-evolving sports management landscape. Through strategic secondment services, we infuse sports organizations with expertise, strategic thinking, and implementation know-how.

Sports Facilities

  1. Business case & feasibility assessment: We evaluate the viability of new sports facilities, ensuring that investments are sound and promising.
  2. Operator selection support: Our support in operator selection ensures that sports facilities are managed to align with strategic goals and operational standards.

Digital and Technology

  1. Technology blueprint: We develop comprehensive technology blueprints to guide the digital transformation of sports organizations.
  2. Technology operating model: Our models integrate advanced technology seamlessly into organizations, boosting operational efficiency and enhancing fan experiences.

Economics and ESG

  1. Socio-economic impact analysis: We evaluate the socio-economic impacts of the sports sector and specific events, providing valuable insights for policy and investment decisions.
  2. Sustainability planning: We assist organizations in crafting sustainability plans that meet environmental standards and societal expectations, promoting long-term ecological and social health.

"We serve our clients in a unique and innovative approach, leveraging hands-on sport industry and cross functional expertise."
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Dubai Office, Middle East

Why choose Roland Berger?

Our consultants bring a dual-edged proficiency: deep-rooted understanding of management strategy and a rich, specialized knowledge within the sports industry. This combination gifts us a distinctive lens through which we view challenges, allowing for innovative and actionable solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Our reputation is bolstered by a history of successful collaborations with prestigious sports entities worldwide, including iconic names, as well as significant regional players. The collective experience of our sports practice team spans across the US, Europe, and MENA regions, including pivotal contributions in KSA, providing us with a global perspective enriched by diverse regional expertise.

Additionally, our team has a strong background working with vital sports stakeholders, including Ministries, National Olympic Committees, and various Federations. This extensive network is further amplified by Roland Berger's proprietary global consortium of sports experts.

Success stories and partnerships

Our legacy of success is built on diverse partnerships with sports organizations of every size and scope, from burgeoning local clubs to esteemed international federations. Through these collaborations, we have consistently demonstrated our ability to guide entities through periods of change, aid them in surmounting various obstacles, and empower them to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

Our portfolio of victories is robust:

  • We've provided comprehensive strategy, operating model, and socio-economic impact analysis for a prestigious golf entity, leading to a significant uplift in their strategic positioning and economic contribution to the sport.
  • Our expertise played a pivotal role in supporting a bidding nation for FIFA 2026, where our impact assessment and strategic guidance were instrumental in delineating the potential benefits and pathways to a successful bid.
  • For a top-tier football club, we revolutionized fan engagement, employing cutting-edge tactics that significantly enhanced the fan experience and forged a deeper connection between the club and its supporters.
  • Our thorough due diligence for a private equity firm evaluating a tennis academy set the stage for a well-informed investment decision, highlighting the academy's potential and outlining strategic growth opportunities.

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