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Barriers to FinTech innovation in the Netherlands

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Mark de Jonge

Senior Partner
Amsterdam Office, Western Europe
January 21, 2016

While neighboring countries are getting serious about digital innovation in the financial services, three barriers are holding the FinTech sector in the Netherlands back: outdated regulation, insufficient expertise at the regulators, and poor cooperation between startups, existing players and government. This is the conclusion of a joint study by Rabobank, ING Netherlands, Holland FinTech and the consultancy firm Roland Berger.

According to the study, financial technology, generally abbreviated as FinTech, will drastically change the financial sector in the coming years. Digital technologies are making it possible to loan, transfer and invest money in new and different ways. The study, Barriers to FinTech innovation in the Netherlands, concludes that the Netherlands has the potential to become a FinTech hub, but that for innovation to succeed, government, regulators and the private sector must do their homework.

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Barriers to FinTech innovation in the Netherlands


FinTech players are disrupting Financial Services – Which barriers need to be overcome to support FinTech in NL and enable innovation?

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