Covid-19: Aftermath on the Romanian economy

Covid-19: Aftermath on the Romanian economy

August 27, 2020

Transition towards the 'new normal' – How local companies can transform the crisis into an opportunity

In our latest study on the Romanian economy, Roland Berger surveyed over 100 companies from nine different sectors. Besides its negative impact, Covid-19 can also serve as a catalyst for change and innovation.

The findings were surprising as a very diverse evolution across various industries emerged. Between March and May 2020, the Romanian economy suffered tremendously and reported a loss of approximately 20 %. Sectors the crisis hit the most were Automotive, Manufacturing, and Financial Services, reporting a 25 % decrease in turnover on average. However, there are still companies that registered a steady EBITDA growth, anchored in Pharma & Healthcare and Courier services.

Going forward, Romanian companies should pay attention to several key elements such as how to become more resilient, flexible, and elastic.

Roland Berger recommends Romanian companies a transition towards the 'new normal' along with the four key constructs of culture, business model, operating model and organization.

Read more in our study about the steps on how to best prepare for the 'new normal'.

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Covid-19: Aftermath on the Romanian economy


This study presents the impact of the crisis generated by COVID-19 on the Romanian economy, focusing also on the expectations for recovery and plans for the future.

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