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Dynamic Packaging in Global Forwarding

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Senior Partner, Managing Partner Switzerland, Central European Head of Transportation
Zurich Office, Central Europe
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February 21, 2017

Existing and upcoming platforms in global forwarding are a phenomena that might lead to loss of market share for legacy players. Generally, forwarder business models and tour operator business models are similar in many topics – TO industry assumed some 5-10 years ahead with some major take away for the forwarding industry. Seat liquidity, inventory management, real-time availability and a 'to the point-technology' have mainly triggered the change in the tour operating industry – most of the change triggers are applicable for global forwarding in the near future.

Thus, the key question is as follows: Is 'Dynamic Packaging in Global Forwarding' something which might come true in the near future and how does it impact the legacy business models of Logistics Service Providers? Will the forwarding industry experience a similar disruption of its value chain as has happened in the tour operating industry?

Current digital players to be observed in the global forwarding industry have to be differentiated by their type of platform – Roland Berger has clustered the potential players along the forwarding value chain. All models have a sustainable value proposition and might contribute to diminish the market share of established classical forwarders. Legacy players need to define strategies for how to deal with this challenge – potentially with 'virtual forwarders' under the own roof but with maximum degrees of freedom.

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Dynamic packaging in global forwarding


Potential future value chain landscape and the role of freight platforms

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