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Facilitating the restructuring of companies

August 25, 2016

The vast majority of market participants (93%) see the law to further facilitate the restructuring of companies (ESUG) as positive, four years after its entry into force. As our new "ESUG study" shows, the law is now in practical use: 91 percent of study participants have already made experience with a provisional self-administration, 88 percent with protection proceedings and 87 percent with preliminary creditors' committees. Nevertheless, more and more experts advocate introducing remediation methods before insolvency, to complete the "toolbox" of restoration.

For this study, our fourth about ESUG, the authors questioned 1,600 decision-makers from Germany - including creditors, liquidators, lawyers, judges, investors and managers. They commented on their practical experience in dealing with the new law and how they rate related proceedings planned by the European Commission.

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Facilitating the restructuring of companies


ESUG ist in der Praxis angekommen, vorinsolvenzliches Verfahren wird mit Spannung erwartet

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