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Fair play in the digital arena

October 15, 2016

Digital platforms and their business models are conquering industry after industry, region after region, market after market. Digital platforms bundle and broker virtually all interactions in the Internet economy and connected society. They are powerful drivers of innovation, productivity and growth, with numerous market players and entire economies benefiting from the value they add. Today, six of the ten most valuable companies in the world – and four of the five strongest brands – are digital platforms. Key performance indicators such as growth in revenue and market capitalization show that they have long since overtaken the big industrial groups.

As things stand, however, Europe scarcely participates in this successful model. The "old continent" is thus wasting valuable opportunities to boost Europe's economic growth. We need an Internet economy that is strong on innovation and adds substantial value, where fair competition prevails, data is handled in a trustworthy manner and companies act responsibly. Independent digital platforms must become the standard-bearers of a new economic dynamism in Europe.

In order to give European digital providers and start-ups more muscle in this market, experts at the Internet Economy Foundation (IE.F) and Roland Berger have conducted an in-depth analysis of the relevant issues in a study entitled "Fair play in the digital arena – How Europe can set the right framework for platforms". The study led them to sketch a ten-point program for political action.


Fair play in the digital arena


How Europe can set the right framework for platforms

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