Market for kids' products growing in Eastern Europe

Market for kids' products growing in Eastern Europe

July 12, 2018

Online players expected to be the real winners

This study analyzes the market for children's apparel, toys and hardware (ATH market) in Poland, Romania and Ukraine. It is based on information from industry players, expert interviews and secondary sources of information.

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Annual spend per child in Poland, Romania and Ukraine is below the average of Western European countries.

The value of ATH markets is expected to display growth of 6.5% p.a. in Poland, 7% p.a. in Romania and 9.5% p.a. in Ukraine from 2017 to 2022. This increase is mainly driven by disposable income growth per household and higher birth rates. The three archetypical countries are currently behind Western European countries in terms of disposable income level and spend per child. However, they demonstrate very similar growth trajectory, with Poland leading, followed by Romania then Ukraine.

Particularly online players, one-stop shops and fashion chains are expected to continue high growth trajectories in all three countries (11% to 19% for online players, 8% to 12% for one-stop shops and 7% to 12% for fashion chains).

In all countries, ATH players cover the full market spectrum in terms of product assortment range and focus. In Poland and Romania, apparel chains position themselves in the upper and lower end ranges of price and fashion level. In the Ukraine, mainly the upper range is targeted, leaving the floor open to independent players in the lower range.

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Market for kids' products growing in Eastern Europe


The market for kids' products in Eastern European countries, including Poland, Romania and Ukraine, is expanding. ATH market growth in local currency in all three countries is forecast to accelerate through to 2022.

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