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Master the Maze

July 20, 2016

Digitization. The word seems to be on everyone's lips, from market pundits to industry thought leaders. But what does it actually mean? Rather than a homogeneous set of new technologies, digitization is the coming together of different approaches that open up new possibilities. And leave many executives in the chemical industry wondering what happened to the asset-intensive industry they used to know.

In our new publication we set out a framework to help you think through your digital strategy. In a recent survey we found that almost 60% of chemical companies recognize their need for a digital strategy. But half of the respondents also acknowledged that they did not have the capabilities necessary to think through the problem and to link the agenda to their overall business strategy.

We call this paper "Mastering the maze" because we see a basic conundrum facing executives. Dismissing digital as just hype is incredibly tempting. Yet the nagging thought abides: Is there hidden value here that is somehow invisible?

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Master the maze


Formulating a winning digital strategy in chemicals

Published July 2016. Available in
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