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Polish grocery retail market 2010-2020

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November 4, 2016

We are happy to present the extended version of "The Polish grocery retail market in 2010-2020" report published by Roland Berger in August 2016. The report gained noticeable market traction with a number of articles in the most opinion shaping portals and newspapers.

Market expects the overall grocery sales in Poland to grow by 3.7% annually on average till 2020 driven by disposable income growth resulting from GDP development and increase in minimal wages. Growth of inflation is also expected to be a contributing factor. These are just a few of the results we present in numerous insightful charts.

Six key customer trends impact the buying behaviour and customer preferences across all retail formats:

  1. busy lifestyle,
  2. new family model,
  3. demand for higher quality,
  4. health consciousness,
  5. increased sophistication and
  6. awareness of customers and regional development.

After thorough analysis and interviews with key market stakeholders we have decided to update and enrich the report with new conclusions. Major differences to previous reports are in market segmentation and forecast projection.

The results of the more detailed segmentation shine a new light on the market dynamics. Our conclusions describe deeper the perspectives for the future grocery market development.

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Polish grocery retail market 2010-2020


Proximity supermarkets and convenience segments will benefit from slower growth of discounters

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