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What’s the Market Pull for E-Health?

February 11, 2016

In the last decade, industries from retail to manufacturing have taken a dramatic technological leap forward. This exclusive presentation summarizes how leaders in the E-Health market are taking advantage of the recent turn towards digitization and what tactics can be used to navigate this fascinating new field. Research shows that there will be a revolutionary technological and sociological upward trend over the next five years, with global connectivity and transparency acting as the driving forces. Mobile communication and the “informed patient” will also play a significant role. In order to thrive in this competitive market, industry leaders must identify the value of their data.

The benefit of implementing digital health services lies in a comprehensive method that interprets a vast amount of incredibly precise information and insights available to patients, customers, and health practitioners. Great strides in virtual and additive manufacturing, predictive maintenance, and cyber physical systems by leading companies in the last few years are only a few aspects of the current transformation in the health care field. This presentation delves into the motivating forces behind the market shift, showing that medtech, new entrants, patients, insurances, and government are leading the way in identifying opportunities.

We prepare professionals for the future of medicine

Looking ahead, there are numerous unanswered questions and impending challenges in the field of E-Health. Unique strategic collaborations are key, not only between companies, but also in patient and customer care. Our research summarizes the firms that are at the forefront of this trend and the affect new technology will have on marketing, supply chain, sales, and R&D. By looking at the key questions facing E-Health, from the changing paradigm of modern medicine to opportunities and digital transformation in pharma and healthcare, Roland Berger’s Digital Health Solution presentation prepares professionals for the future of medicine.

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What’s the market pull for E-Health?


Presentation at 9th Berlin Conference on IP in Life Sciences – Digital Health Solution

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