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August 17, 2023

Marie's onboarding experience at Roland Berger

Hi everyone, my name is Marie and I am a consultant in our Frankfurt office. I joined Roland Berger in 2022 in our Operations unit. Today I would like to tell you a little bit about my first months at Roland Berger.

First of all, I really did have a great onboarding. I met a lot of people and everyone was super kind and helped me wherever and whenever I needed help.

Actually, the process began way before meeting all my colleagues. About two months before my start date, I was able to download the Roland Berger Onboarding App. The app contains a certain number of chapters that will be unlocked over time. This ensured that I did not feel overwhelmed with information, and by my first day, I had gained a great overview of Roland Berger's history, the different business units and topics, and also the tools and systems. Everything was presented in a playful format. This was very helpful indeed, and I felt totally prepared for my first day.

On my first day, I was welcomed very warmly by the team and by other new colleagues. All the new joiners met in the morning, and we had an IT session during which we received our laptops and mobile phones. After the IT session was over, I met with my mentor, who welcomed me and who also sent an e-mail to the whole practice to introduce me. This was very nice because some colleagues then reached out to me to welcome me to the team. I also received a Welcome Mail from the onboarding team in my business unit, in which they introduced me to my buddy – a more experienced fellow consultant – and sent me a bunch of onboarding materials containing many very, very helpful links, which I sometimes use even today :-). My buddy Ramon reached out to me on day one and we organized our first in an entire series of buddy calls :-).

Also part of the onboarding process were a series of events, in my case including:

Onboarding Day

During Onboarding Day, the new joiners who started with me had a day full of dedicated trainings. We had a graphics session, for instance, and got to know other very helpful tools such as our research tools and data bases.


This is a two-week on-site event with all new Roland Berger colleagues from all over the world. Here, we also gained a lot of new knowledge, for instance regarding storytelling, presentation skills and design, and so on. But we also had a lot of fun activities together like team building games, dinners and the like.

First 100 days@Roland Berger

At the "First 100 days" event, the new joiners and the onboarding team came together and talked about our first impressions and experiences. This event also marked the end of my onboarding process, which prepared me very well for my future journey at Roland Berger.

Marie's onboarding team
Marie's onboarding team

All in all, I had a great onboarding process. Since my first day, I felt super guided and welcomed at Roland Berger. The onboarding team really managed to create a very helpful onboarding phase in which I not only learned a lot about Roland Berger and the systems and tools, soft skills and working methods, but also got to know a lot of other great new joiners with whom I could share experiences and build lasting connections. Meeting these great people from the beginning of my time at Roland Berger was the best thing about it :-).

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