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February 19, 2019

New project and travelling Iran


Some time has passed since my last post and a new year has begun.

This year I am on a PMO project (project management office) for an offshore pipeline construction. Project deadlines are very strict and I hope that we can help facilitate the decision making progress for our client. During this project it has been interesting to find that ''project'' based client work has been very similar to consulting work. I have really enjoyed working with the client team and experiencing their corporate culture. Working so closely with the client, you find that you are on the same page when working towards the deadline. This helps us stay in tune with our work and allows us to be creative in developing new ideas.

Besides the project experience, I also started this year discovering a hidden diamond in our planet: Iran. For me it was overwhelming in many ways:

  • The huge heritage of Persian culture and history, which is very well preserved
  • The magnificent beauty of the Muslim period - all the mosques make you admire the unique tiles and colors

  • The people – hospitable, with dignity and respect to their roots. All the guides we met were very professional and shared a lot of feelings about Iranian history and culture
  • Unique historical mix - Parallel existence of the old Zoroastrian culture with its myths and beautiful spots remaining for a long time after

I really enjoyed travelling Iran! It is a beautiful country full of energy, unique traits and not spoilt by modern life.

See you!

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