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April 9, 2019

Skiing in the Alps and project work in Morocco

Hello everyone,

I hope you are well! I just came back from the Roland Berger Ski Weekend, organized each year by consultants from the Paris office. I could not go last year but I jumped at the chance this year. All I can say is that it was an amazing weekend, shared with 40 other consultants from the Paris office. We went for a 3-day trip in the Alps (Les 2 Alpes ski station) for a great weekend full of discoveries and laughter.

I must confess that the « skiing part » was not my favorite experience of the weekend, my skiing skills being very limited (not to say non-existent). I grew up in Morocco, which is a nice country for a lot of things, but skiing is not one of them! Anyway, I somehow managed to ski for 2 hours straight and take a unique picture (which you can find below) before giving up. During the weekend, we also had a chance to enjoy the local gastronomy “La Raclette” and "La Fondue", two typical French winter dishes.

On a more work-related note, I have been working on a strategy project for a telecom operator in Morocco for the last few weeks. It was my first (of many more, I hope) full projects abroad. It was quite interesting to discover the corporate world in my home country. The project itself was challenging, as we had tight deadlines and it was a high-stakes project. We managed to successfully navigate through thanks to a strong and dedicated team.

I am now back to Paris working on a due diligence for the coming weeks.

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