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Julia, Consultant


  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration
  • Master's degree in Management with a focus on globalization and the world economy during my semester abroad at Fudan University in Shanghai
  • Industry experience in aerospace and defense, automotive and mechanical engineering as well as financial services
  • Joined the Roland Berger Operations team with a focus on engineering functions and industrial projects
  • Interests: Sports (handball, beach volleyball, tennis and skiing), travel as well as enjoying dinner and drinks with friends and family

"At Roland Berger, personality matters and everyone can express their individual character and personal strengths, which makes it a pleasant working atmosphere."


Why Roland Berger?

I decided to work for Roland Berger because I really appreciate the fact that personality matters within our company and that the corporate culture is based on the three values empathy, entrepreneurship and excellence. Moreover, I like the organizational structure arranged in industry and functional platforms as well as the international collaboration that allows you to specialize early but also to work across industries or across functions on large-scale projects.

What makes Roland Berger special for me?

Definitely the people I work with at Roland Berger! We have many great and diverse characters in our company, and everyone is very friendly and helpful. This openness made me feel very welcome at Roland Berger right from the start and has helped me develop very well since then. Moreover, I really appreciate that everyone's opinion counts and that the company's size allows you to get in personal contact with everyone.

Can you tell us about your work-life balance?

During the week I do as much sport as possible and try to train with my performance-oriented handball team once a week when I am home from traveling. I really enjoy being with my team and shifting the focus to a personal topic besides work, which also allows me to have a great balance. On weekends I mainly travel throughout northern Germany with my team to compete in our handball games. Besides that, I really like to travel and to go for dinner and drinks with my friends and family on the weekend. Aside from my hobbies, we have many after-work activities with our project team, such as project dinners, going for drinks or doing sports together.

Can you tell us about your favorite project?

I am completely satisfied with the variety of projects I've been working on so far as a consultant in the operations platform. I have already worked on five projects along the entire value chain and within industries such as automotive and mechanical engineering, which has given me the chance to work closely together with colleagues from other Roland Berger platforms (e.g. the automotive or restructuring platforms).

I would also like to highlight the great team atmosphere on my current and past large-scale projects as well as the degree of freedom I was given by the different project managers and the management team. Moreover, I am very glad about all the different industry and business experience I've gathered and the opportunity I've had to strengthen my personal skills during that time as well.

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