Portrait of Gundula, Partner

Gundula, Partner


  • Master's degree in International Business
  • A few years' professional experience in a global paper & packaging company
  • More than 15 years' track record in consulting
  • Married and working mum of two girls
  • Joined Roland Berger as Managing Partner of our Austrian office in Vienna

"Creating an environment to enable diversity and different work-life models is one of our top priorities at Roland Berger. "


What would you recommend to other women for their entry into management consulting?
Be self-confident, trust in your skills and have fun!

How do you manage to combine family and career?
As a working mum it surely is a challenge to find the right balance between both worlds. From my experience there are two key success factors: Being perfectly organized in both business and private life (every day needs to be planned in detail, nothing can be left to chance). And equally important is a good, reliable and flexible support network.

What advantages do you see as a woman in consulting?
I am fully convinced that diversity adds to the quality of every team. This is especially true in consulting, as we are continuously challenged to be creative and to look at situations from different angles. Plus, given the fact that in many consulting companies the share of women in consulting is still quite low, there are a lot of opportunities to stand out from the crowd and make yourself visible.

How do women support each other at Roland Berger?
We have a great network among women at Roland Berger. For example via the platform Women @ Roland Berger with regular exchange, working sessions to accelerate key initiatives, as well as inspiring events. Also, every woman in consulting at Roland Berger has a "female buddy" from day one. As a woman joining Roland Berger you will very soon feel very well integrated.

Have you ever had to especially prove yourself as a woman in consulting?
I have been in consulting for more than 15 years but never had the feeling that I needed to especially prove myself as a woman. I have always seen and felt myself to be on an equal footing with my male colleagues. Of course, combining family life with a demanding job is a continuous challenge – but this is also true for many of my male colleagues. And I am absolutely convinced that companies that create environments to support diversity and flexibility will be the ones attracting the best talents.

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