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We believe in the principle that you should work where you are celebrated, not tolerated, and we want to attract the best and the brightest to work with us. That is because we are convinced that diversity in all its facets enriches our teamwork and our projects.

Just be is our global community for LGBTQ+ colleagues at Roland Berger. It has three goals:

  • To create an environment where all colleagues feel welcome and safe
  • To help shape a company that values diversity and champions the acceptance of all employees worldwide
  • To provide a global network for LGBTQ+ colleagues and promote professional and personal exchange and mentoring within it

Meet our LGBTQ+ colleagues
Trans* Identity Guide

We want to create a work environment where everyone feels safe and valued, can contribute their personality and enrich our clients with new perspectives. Trans*, inter*gender, non-binary and agender people are still often overlooked and discriminated against in society. For this reason, our internal Trans* Identity Guide provides trans* colleagues, managers and teams with initial information, tips and creates awareness for this important topic.

Just be friends

Just be friends is a global community of allies and supporters of our LGBTQ+ colleagues. Just be friends embraces diversity as a core value of our culture and supports an environment where LGBTQ+ colleagues feel safe to be their true selves, regardless of sexual orientation or identity.

Roland Berger Pride Week is an important part of our LGBTQ+ activities. The week is organized by members of the Just be and Just be friends communities to promote the visibility of LGBTQ+ people within the company and society at large.

Our Boston colleagues celebrate Roland Berger Pride Week
Our Boston colleagues celebrate Roland Berger Pride Week

Asked why management supports this initiative, Per Breuer, Head of HR, explains, "Roland Berger Pride Week is a great time to reflect on how we can continue to advance equality in society and ensure that everyone feels welcome and safe, regardless of their background. We want to show that we live and breathe diversity by supporting our LGBTQ+ colleagues."

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