Portrait of Jonas, Project Manager

Jonas, Project Manager


  • Master's degrees in Finance (M.Sc.) and CEMS Master in Management (MiM)
  • Professional experience in the healthcare and transportation industries, with a focus on cost reduction, performance improvement and transactions
  • Internships in strategy consulting, private equity and M&A
  • Interests and hobbies: music (listening to and making my own), listening to podcasts, reading, hiking

"If you join Roland Berger with an open mindset and ready to discover and engage in the topics that you are passionate about, this company is the perfect opportunity for you! Roland Berger stays true to its core values of excellence, empathy and entrepreneurship. You just need to bring the energy and motivation, and all doors are open to you."


Why Roland Berger?
When deciding where I wanted to start my career, I asked myself the exact same thing. The answer that I gave myself then and I still stand by today is that in the end, it is about the people and the colleagues that you spend your time with. At Roland Berger, I was always able to connect and get along with my project team, even in the most stressful weeks where your work life almost becomes your private life. Since then, through many opportunities, also beyond the projects, I have developed a network of amazing and interesting personalities that I can learn from and count on!

What makes Roland Berger special for me?
I discovered the most special part about Roland Berger only after I joined: The company offers you the 'ideal' platform to engage in the topics that you are passionate about and want to support. There are no limits to it – you just have to put yourself out there and the opportunities are open to you. From the first day, you have the possibility to work with colleagues across all regions and hierarchy levels on an equal footing.

What is it like to be out at Roland Berger?
Honestly, I never even thought about not being out at Roland Berger. From the start, I was open about my sexual orientation and I never experienced any judgment or felt I was being treated differently because of it. Regardless of mine or my colleagues' backgrounds, we cooperate with and support each other and do not exclude anyone. I hope that myself being out at Roland Berger and a part of our LGBTQ+ network shows other colleagues who might have doubts about coming out that there is nothing to worry about. Moreover, our LGBTQ+ network offers a great opportunity to have an open exchange with other colleagues about their experiences, from junior to very senior levels.

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