Portrait of Patrick, Project Manager

Patrick, Project Manager


  • Master's degrees in Finance & Accounting (M.Sc.) and Management (M.Sc.)
  • Professional experience in the automotive industry, both OEMs and suppliers with a focus on strategy development and transformation projects
  • Internships in strategy consulting, M&A, and financial reporting
  • Interests and hobbies: (historic) cars, exploring new foods and places (by motorhome), contemporary arts, sports (running, skiing, hiking)

"The possibility to be entrepreneurial, pushing projects or activities forward from day one is what sets Roland Berger apart. At Roland Berger, you can drive change yourself every day. If you are true to yourself and speak your mind, you will be heard and supported. Therefore, when you have an idea and are willing to take ownership of it, you can make it happen. Take the opportunity and be visible - Roland Berger truly values authentic personalities!"


Why Roland Berger?
A team is a team is a team! There is no better place to learn, develop, and laugh together with amazing colleagues than at Roland Berger. When you spend weeks and months on projects, there is little that is as important as a team you can count on. Many colleagues have become friends over time. With each and every one of them I can speak openly about who I am. Never have I been afraid to be true to myself and never have I been disappointed in this regard.

What makes Roland Berger special for me?
Roland Berger values authenticity. Explicitly or implicitly, your environment encourages you to be your true self and further strengthen and develop your personality every day. There are many options and opportunities around you; but do not wait till they are presented to you, ask for them, or even better, take them! At Roland Berger, it is easier than elsewhere to be recognized as "the face" of an initiative. After all, it is up to you what you want to stand for and which opportunities you want to take.

What is it like to be out at Roland Berger?
First, it is a great feeling to not pretend to be someone you are not. On top of that, it is an even better feeling when others truly appreciate you for who you are. I have great colleagues who support each other – on all levels, male and female, LGBTQ+ and straight, from all around the world and with various educational backgrounds. I am not saying there are no prejudices around, but being out at Roland Berger and being visible to others, I feel like I am part of change. In addition, I have not had a single negative experience with being out at Roland Berger. Still, it is great to know that if I ever had one, there will be a strong network raising their voice and standing up for me.

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