Portrait of Tobias, Partner

Tobias, Partner


  • Studied law (Dipl.-jur. Univ.), Regensburg University
  • Internships in strategy consulting and with a law association
  • Joined Roland Berger in March 2001 as an intern and in January 2002 as a Junior Consultant in the Transportation unit (and stayed ever since)
  • Interests and hobbies: medieval history and church architecture, reading ( tobisbuch.com ), playing the piano, singing

"I am gay and came out at Roland Berger back in 2001 when I was an intern. Since then, at Roland Berger, awareness of LGBTQ+ and of diversity as a whole has increased significantly. Our commitment to diversity is genuine and I am proud to see again and again how great the support is for different plans of life in this company."


Why Roland Berger?
When I joined, I planned to stay for two or three years. It turned out to be more than twenty (and counting). Why? Because I found the people working here to be highly inspired and inspiring, interesting, and challenging. At Roland Berger, I was able to grow and see the world … and still can. I was able to choose my own path, always felt supported, and every year had the opportunity to help shape cutting-edge topics.

What makes Roland Berger special for me?
The entrepreneurial freedom. Every idea counts, unconventional thinking is welcome. I can take risks here, e.g. in accepting responsibility for developing our business in new countries or industries – and I did so rather early in my career. Wherever I go in this company there is a diverse set of backgrounds I can interact with. Having studied law myself, I get different perspectives from my fellow consultants who are engineers, economists, physicists, or historians.

What is it like to be out at Roland Berger?
I came out as an intern and have been straight-forward about myself ever since. While I personally have never been subjected to any kind of discrimination, I am aware that it is not as easy for everyone to take the leap of faith and come out in a business environment. That is why I founded our LGBTQ+ community Just be in 2015, which now has dozens of members from around the world supporting each other. And soon after that we founded Just be Friends which now has over 500 heterosexual colleagues who support us and ensure a welcoming culture to all new LGBTQ+ members of the Roland Berger family.

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