Portrait of Camila, Consultant

Camila, Consultant


  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting
  • Professional experience in financial services and energy industries, with a focus on strategy development and economic modeling
  • Internships in strategy and business consulting
  • Joined Roland Berger in August 2021
  • Interests and hobbies: gastronomy (cooking and visiting restaurants), sports (gym and running), cats

"I feel Roland Berger actively welcomes those who are bold enough to speak their minds while also being humble enough to learn with others. If you want a safe environment where your ideas will be valued and you'll be able to create impact, no matter your gender identification or sexual orientation, Roland Berger is the place for you."


Why Roland Berger?
Every day I learn something new at Roland Berger and I have empathetic colleagues who consistently support me as a professional and as a person. I value the fact that Roland Berger creates a safe environment for me to develop my full potential and impact my clients, because these two aspects are my main motivations for working as a consultant.

What makes Roland Berger special for me?
Two things: First, Roland Berger embraces me as I truly am. Second, Roland Berger inspires me to reach my full potential daily. I feel that all my Roland Berger colleagues really listen to my ideas and that my personal and professional background is valued. Over and above that, Roland Berger's environment of overachievers leads me to challenge myself to get better and better, always.

What is it like to be out at Roland Berger?
I would say that being out at Roland Berger feels like a relief! We, as LGBTQIA+ employees, are always afraid of being treated worse because of unconscious bias against us, but that has never happened to me at Roland Berger. Since my interviews to get hired, everyone I contacted knew I was LGBTQIA+ and always treated me respectfully, so it's a relief to work at a place that is proud to have me as an employee, the same way I'm proud to be who I am. Furthermore, it's inspiring making connections with global Just be members worldwide, from junior to senior level. It's nice to see other non-heterosexual people like me creating a meaningful impact on both our clients and Roland Berger as well.

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