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No matter whether a woman is still looking for a job or is already an experienced consultant, EmpowHER is there to accompany and support her in all phases of her personal and professional development. Within this program, women are able to take part in events where female consultants report on their own experiences, alongside special events on topics such as self-marketing, presentation skills and case workshops.

Women who have made the decision to join us will benefit from EmpowHER in many ways. Besides being assigned a personal mentor, they're given another female advocate from a different department under our female buddy system. They can also participate in special training courses and work with external coaches.

Equally important for EmpowHER is the opportunity for women to share experiences and exchange views directly, for instance in network meetings on professional or career-specific topics. Our Women@RolandBerger community provides a forum for female consultants to support and advise each other and offers opportunities to meet with our leadership team and exchange ideas with experienced alumnae or external speakers.

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With around 3,300 employees, we have the ability to respond to what our employees want. Close personal contact with colleagues and superiors combined with our family feel enable us to offer the kind of pragmatic and individual solutions that are often not feasible within the constraints of a larger company.

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