Portrait of Basile, Senior Consultant

Basile, Senior Consultant


  • Master's degrees in Management (M.Sc.) – ESSEC Business School
  • Internships in corporate treasury, corporate strategy consulting and civil economics (diplomacy)
  • Interests and hobbies: restaurants, politics, classic paintings, sports (running, tennis)

"At Roland Berger, I have found a working environment in which it is possible to shift the lines and push forward the topics you care about. This includes pushing for a welcoming culture and a diversity agenda, especially for LGBTQ+ colleagues. There are few places like Roland Berger where you can have such an impact even at a junior level."


Why Roland Berger?
After graduating from ESSEC, I came to Roland Berger because of its reputation for excellence and the career opportunities. I enjoy working at Roland Berger because of the vibrant atmosphere, the incredible colleagues and the possibility to keep exploring new topics with new responsibilities project after project. Above all, I am happy to evolve in my daily life in a respectful environment in which I can stay true to myself.

What makes Roland Berger special for me?
Roland Berger values entrepreneurship and endeavor. Not only is it accepted for you, even in a junior position, to be proactive on the topics that matter to you, but it is also valued and encouraged. Never have I met a closed door or someone unwilling to hear about my ideas. So by joining Roland Berger, you can make the impact that matters to you from day one and I am not sure I could have found that anywhere else.

What is it like to be out at Roland Berger?
At first, I would say it was not that easy a decision as management consulting remains a demanding professional environment that favors certain biases and in which diversity still has to progress. Yet, once I had made the personal decision to be out at work, I have only met supportive colleagues from all levels of seniority and a motivating LGBTQ+ network (Just be). This platform and the Roland Berger entrepreneurial spirit give me the leverage to pave the way for other colleagues to come out as well and for people from all backgrounds to feel welcomed in their daily life at work.

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