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Portrait of Nikolaus Meyding, Head of Kooperationen & Partnerschaften, STELP e.V.
Nikolaus Meyding, Head of Kooperationen & Partnerschaften, STELP e.V.
The multiple skills and tools acquired during my time as a consultant at Roland Berger prepared me extremely well for my current job at STELP.

The first thing I would like to mention is the team spirit. Although the team at STELP is much smaller than at Roland Berger (it is comparable to a project team), we all have to pull together. Similar to the projects, it is essential to exchange ideas closely within the team, to implement things together and to achieve the best possible result, i.e. the greatest possible impact.

Secondly, the structured way of working, also in stressful situations, must be mentioned. At STELP, as at Roland Berger, there are always stressful and last-minute requests that have to be processed as quickly and efficiently as possible. My years in strategy consulting have helped me a lot to focus on the important things and to create solution-oriented results.

As a consultant, you have to keep developing in order to be able to react to every situation and every customer in a new way. We also have to stay agile as no two crises are the same, which means that it is vital to react individually to each situation. Sometimes monetary donations are the best way to support, sometimes donations in kind. It really depends on the situation. Therefore, we constantly have to develop creative and innovative solutions to respond to the current situation and circumstances.

Lastly, it is crucial that we reorganize STELP and establish processes and structures. Our donations have increased sevenfold in the last year, so we need to transform STELP as an association, adapt processes and structures and deal with the increased responsibility in a trustworthy manner. The skillset I have acquired in my transformation projects helps me immensely here.
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