Corporate Functions

Personal Assistants

If you're a talented organizer, you're just the kind of person we need! Our Personal Assistants manage everything in the background so that our Partners can concentrate fully on the actual business.

You'll be in contact with all departments across the company, and you will coordinate meetings and make travel arrangements as well as helping to put presentations or marketing materials together. Project controlling or event management could also be part of your varied workload.

Experience Report
Portrait of Katrin
I already had some experience working as a Personal Assistant with a consulting firm, so after my maternity leave I decided to get back to work in the same industry.
What I like about Roland Berger is the international nature of the business, all the hot topics we work on every day, and the close collaboration within the team.
All of our Personal Assistants are super professional. We strive to make the impossible possible for the Partners we work for, and we are essentially there to support and take the load off them. That is our daily challenge, and it is one which calls for innovative ideas, spontaneity and improvisation, and it means that our job is never boring.
At Roland Berger, I also love the fact that I can contribute my ideas and shape the way things are done. Because we don't have rigid structures, I'm able to achieve a good work-life balance while also leading the team of PAs within our specialist area. We decide together what would benefit us and we take part in training tailored to our own needs, as well as organizing interesting activities – and that's how we keep developing our team all the time and create an environment I feel comfortable in.

Experience Report
Portrait of Marco
Two years ago, I couldn't have dreamed of finding an employer where I still feel as good as I did on my first day. The turning point in my professional career came in the middle of 2022, when I took the plunge and moved from a leading German experience provider into the world of management consulting. I don't regret this career change for a moment and I'm so grateful to be part of the team at Roland Berger.
The friendly colleagues here mean that getting integrated into the team and the cross-functional platform is effortless. Everyone works so well together and we can always count on each other. I have also found working with Partners and mentors really rewarding.

Roland Berger offers countless opportunities for personal growth and professional development. In addition to the usual admin tasks, recruiting and event planning, I've had the opportunity to train as a business trainer. This gives us the opportunity to pass on our own knowledge, training young, talented people and accompanying them along their career path.
I am also motivated by the prospect of driving international issues and contributing to a more environmentally conscious approach. I love it when new challenges come up and we have the chance to seek the best possible solutions.
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