Roland Berger to Exhibit Compact EV with Remote Controls "Butler Car" at Tokyo Motor Show

Roland Berger to Exhibit Compact EV with Remote Controls "Butler Car" at Tokyo Motor Show

Roland Berger Ltd. ("Roland Berger"; Satoshi Nagashima, Management Team 'Global' and Managing Partner 'Japan'), the Japan office of Europe's leading strategy consulting firm, announced today that, the company will be participating the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019 from October 24th through November 4 to showcase the "Butler Car," a remote-controlled EV which runs in low speed. The car has been developed together by "Wannovation Team," a group comprising 10 companies, and Roland Berger's in-house company of "Let's Move Together!"

For the purpose to increase the overall traveling distance (number of passengers × distance traveled) and an aim to boost economic activities, the project called "Let's Move Together!" was launched in October 2018. One of the project's activities promotes the idea of minimum mobility by using a low-speed EV. This led to the development of the "Butler Car."

Message from Satoshi Nagashima of Roland Berger:

"By linking available technologies, we aim to create quickly a new value that we can contribute to society. We are going to progress step by step, and gradually gain strength along the way. The Butler Car is shaped by our concept of 'world of moving'. The unique technologies offered by 10 companies will bring joy of moving to many people. The 'Wannovation Team' aims to contribute in building a society where many people can experience the fun of moving, feel the excitement, and lead happy lives."

The little vehicle, boosted by electric, runs 10 km/h on the road. It is equipped with two passenger seats and has been designed from the concept of minimum mobility. The little car may one day form a new trend in mobility. Especially, given the fact that, there are many areas where walking or bicycling is not a suitable mode of transportation. Owing to its compact size and slow speed, it is easy to drive the car. Consequently, the low speed EV may be used broadly in the future as a means of distribution in various situations such as, tourist sites, residential areas that is far from the nearest station, and hilly and mountainous areas with many slopes, and more.

Designed to provide transportation service based on a concept of minimum mobility, guides or service personnel will be boarding on the Butler Car to welcome passengers. It has been designed, for example, to offer rides, to provide guidance to passengers or to welcome VIP in formal settings such as high-class hotels, ceremonial halls and shrines and temples. The car has a look that matches with these formal settings, and the qualities of the interior is suitable for the occasion to show hospitality to passengers.

While the car can be driven manually, it is equipped with a remote-controlled function where a driver can monitor and control the vehicle from a distance. Thus, while a personnel attends guests, the car can be transported to the venue's exit to pick-up leaving guests.

While the car itself is small, its interior space can be used in versatile occasions. The use of remote control and the feature of running in slow speed gives forth convenience and safety. The car offers usefulness in various areas and the team expects a broad range of users including senior citizens.

The team also said that, not only the development of the vehicle, it plans to prepare an application's service platform where many users can access the interface to make car reservations, settle payments, and manage the computer aided traffic control systems.

Roland Berger's in-house project members of "Let's Move Together!" have teamed with "Wannovation Team," a group comprising 10 companies: Core Concept Technologies, GK Kyoto, Shinmei Industry, Hamano Products, Harada Vehicle Design, Futaba Kagu, Beckhoff Automation, Maris Creative Design, MIRAI-LABO, LAC. Omae Laboratories of SFC Keio University supported to this project by advising. The partnership has contributed greatly to the technical developments of the car in a matter of 4 months ever since the project of minimum mobility was launched in June 2019. Looking toward the future, the team will be creating new business for the Butler Car, and aims to contribute in spreading the new mobility.

A test-drive demonstration of the Butler Car at the motor show will take place in the zone prepared especially for minimum mobility on the Open Road in the Symbol Promenade Park. The company's booth will be located at the West Hall 3 and 4 of Tokyo Big Sight. VR headsets will be available at the exhibition booth where guests can wear to see what it is like to ride the Butler Car. A streaming of 3D videos will feature future images derived from the concept of minimum mobility. Guests also have a chance to see the viewpoint of a remote driver who monitors and controls the car, too.


The 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019

【Organizer】Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA)

【Co-organizers】Japan Auto Parts Industries Association (JAPIA), Japan Auto-Body Industries Association (JABIA), Japan Automotive Machinery and Tool Manufacturers Association (JAMTA), Japan Automobile Importers Association (JAIA)

【Dates】October 24 (Thu) - November 4 (Mon)

*October 23 (Wed) Press Day

【Venue】Tokyo Big Sight, Odaiba area

*A test-drive demonstration: Open Road (@Symbol Promenade Park,) Booths: Ariake Exhibition (@Tokyo Big Sight West Hall 3&4)

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Tokyo, October 16, 2019

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