Portrait of Richard Stolz

Richard Stolz

Abu Dhabi Office, Middle East
+97 14 446-4080

Richard is an experienced strategy consulting professional who is passionate about developing and helping businesses grow in emerging markets across the tourism, travel, transport, airlines & aviation, leisure, hospitality, entertainment, education, and healthcare sectors.

Based in Dubai and with 10+ years of experience, Richard's functional background is in corporate strategy, business development, growth, market entry, market assessment, project management, business transformation, and organizational effectiveness.

He is a regular contributor to the media on the latest business and industry trends, with authored columns, comments, and interviews in leading magazines, newspapers, and other media outlets.

Richard holds a Master’s of Science in Marketing & Strategy from Warwick Business School in the UK – a top 20 global business school according to The Economist’s 2021 MBA Ranking.

Due to his passion for travel, he has been to 102 countries, and also lived, worked, and studied in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe.

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