Portrait of Sebastian Schams

Sebastian Schams

Munich Office, Central Europe
+49 89 9230-8016

As a Principal at Roland Berger, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise in within the Electric and Electronics sector. With a strong background in strategy, marketing, sales, and transformative initiatives, Sebastian is deeply passionate about driving business growth, optimizing profits, and cultivating strong client relationships. Besides consulting, his extensive experience includes several management positions in the semiconductor industry.

He holds a master's degree in physics from KIT, with enriching semesters abroad in Berkeley and MIT. Additionally, Sebastian obtained a Ph.D. in machine learning from TUM. His focus spans Electric and Electronics companies, including semiconductor, consumer electronics, automotive, and component manufacturers.

In his consulting philosophy, he firmly believe in crafting unique solutions tailored to each client, considering their market dynamics, specific situations, and corporate culture. Collaboration between our Roland Berger expert teams and client company insiders ensures the development of effective and sustainable solutions.

A staunch advocate for continuous learning, Sebastians finds fulfillment in engaging with global clients to jointly tackle intricate business challenges. This collaborative journey not only benefits our clients and society but also propels me toward perpetual growth.

" I am not just a consultant; I am a passionate advocate for the intersection of technology, business, and people, striving to deliver unique and valuable solutions to our clients. "


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