Do companies have a nationality?

Do companies have a nationality?

May 21, 2016

  • Since the 1980s, several phenomena have diluted the notion of nationality for companies, especially large ones: the emergence of a VUCA world, the growing internationalization of value chains, and digitization. At the same time, the loss of control of public authorities over the companies’ nationality became palpable.

Paradoxically, more than ever, even international companies express a worldview, which is linked to their original culture, that of the soil in which they grew.

What does this mean for politicians and other decision-makers, especially in Europe? Roland Berger CEO Charles-Edouard Bouée spoke about this topic in an video interview at the World Policy Conference 2015 in Montreux:

The interview was conducted by John Andrews, editor of The Economist. Learn more about the conference and find further interviews from World Policy Conference on Youtube