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Most clients have high ambitions for their Information Technology. "High-performant, transparent and harmonized applications as well as processes to achieve efficiencies today and enable new digital business models tomorrow, leveraging new technology platforms" could be an example for an ambitious vision. Ensuring a focused and business-relevant IT transformation within reasonable time and cost is paramount to ensure effectiveness, sustainability and relevance of any efforts. Since many projects, e.g. in ERP projects, are technology-driven rather than business-driven, 70% of those projects fail spectacularly.

We at Roland Berger help our clients to stay focused on the business value of Information Technology, ensure involvement of all hierarchic and functional management levels and promote a reasonable level of standardization. Furthermore, our strategic focus and technological expertise guarantees for impactful, tangible benefits on HQ and regional sites as well as a structured and phased approach to roll out changes. Through our wide functional and industry knowledge Roland Berger will add important success ingredients to your program, such as future market requirements, best practices, target setting, improvement quantification, process designs and business cases. Furthermore, we help you develop optimized processes as a tangible result guiding you through the jungle of new technologies (e.g. AI, Robotics). Our goal is to make the complexity of an IT transformation manageable and create useful cases beyond the buzzwords. Additionally, we provide a supplier and technology neutral perspective and can help translate between business / IT and vice versa.

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