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Corporate headquarters

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Centralization. Is this all merely a reaction to the global financial crisis? It is tempting to take this view – tempting but wrong. Witness our recent study that investigated the role, structure and size of corporate headquarters.

The study is part of a series. Every three years since 1999, Roland Berger has quizzed large and medium-sized European companies about their management models, structural characteristics, the size and role of their corporate centers, and staff functions. The questionnaires on which the latest study is based were circulated in mid-2008; and the trend toward greater centralization was already in evidence before the financial markets imploded.

At the same time, no-one would dispute that the current economic crisis is indeed confronting CEOs around the globe with new challenges that can only be met by agile, effective organizations. The crisis is simply increasing the pressure that was already there, forcing companies to work more efficiently and (re)act more quickly to changes in their field.


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