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Promoting Croatian creativity and art

Painting in oil on canvas by Nikolina Starčević, Zagreb
As part of their "Art and Artists" initiative, Roland Berger Croatia is exhibiting the work of another young Croatia creative talent. Embedded in their corporate social responsibility efforts, the Zagreb team started an initiative seven years ago aimed at promoting creativity, art and culture in Croatia.

Every three months, they organize an exhibition in their office where works of a promising or already established artists are displayed and offered for purchase. So far, fifteen artists have had their work shown. Nikolina Starčević is the first artist to be featured in 2011.

Her work is now on display and has been shown to clients and business partners in a vernissage. Nikolina obtained her Master's Degree in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, where she studied under Professor Zlatko Kauzlarić. Nikolina paints in oils on canvas.

Commenting on her paintings, she explains, "We live in a world where the media play a significant role; they impose certain ideals on us, they determine our view of the world we live in. For me it is all about honesty. This is why I focus on what is close to me, what I am familiar with and what I recognize, and this is why I paint what is real – my surroundings. With painting, I record the world I live in." The recurring motif dominating the works displayed in the office is human legs – people dancing, walking down a street on a rainy day or having a conversation on a Saturday night.
Feb 2, 2011

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