The impact of digital on sustainability

The impact of digital on sustainability

February 21, 2024
"We now have a level of substance in technologies like AI and blockchain and also IoT that really bring the digitalization of sustainability to the next level."
Portrait of Pierre Samaties
Dubai Office, Middle East

In episode two, we delve into the synergistic relationship between digitalization and sustainability. Join Dragos Fundulea and Pierre Samaties from the Roland Berger Dubai office as they explore how these two megatrends seamlessly merge to pave the way for a more eco-friendly corporate future. Discover the critical roles of technological innovations like Generative AI, blockchain, and IoT in driving today’s sustainability initiatives. 

Digitalization, a journey that began decades ago, has become an essential aspect of modern business, constantly evolving and requiring ongoing attention. Similarly, sustainability has emerged more recently as a parallel path, gaining momentum as a global imperative. This episode sheds light on how these two pivotal movements are converging, offering a wealth of opportunities for innovation and transformation as illustrated through various real-world applications by Dragos and Pierre.

"Digitalization has been the core, it’s a hygiene factor, you cannot do without it. But sustainability has taken more of the stage and it’s like a race between these two subjects for the attention of the management. "
Portrait of Dragos Fundulea
Dubai Office, Middle East

Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of how digitization and sustainability together open up limitless prospects. This engaging discussion aims to enlighten and inspire, reflecting our commitment to showcasing the forefront of trends and innovations. 

This week’s experts

Dragos Fundulea: Dragos Fundulea is a Principal at Roland Berger's Dubai office, where he drives value creation and the implementation of innovative solutions across a broad spectrum of projects. These projects range from strategy development and performance improvement to large-scale transformation, market entry, and digital strategies. Dragos specializes in alternative technologies and the development of decarbonization strategies.

Pierre Samaties: Pierre Samaties is a Partner at Roland Berger's Dubai office and the global leader of the Digital Assets, Web3, and Metaverse practice. He guides clients through the disruptive potential of these emerging technologies, developing actionable strategies, overseeing venture implementation, and advising on investment strategies. Recognized as a thought leader in the field, Pierre is actively involved in international think tanks, including the World Economic Forum and the Green Block.

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