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We respect and meet internationally proclaimed human rights and labor standards. We want to be the employer of choice. As a leading international strategy consultancy, our employees are our most important resource and the core of our high quality standards. This is why Roland Berger is committed to the well-being and development of its people.

To ensure our company's success, we need highly qualified top performers who are creative and innovative.

The origin, religion or gender of our employees makes no difference; rather, excellence, top education, soft skills, entrepreneurial mindset and living our corporate values are decisive.

The following examples show what we do to meet our responsibilities as an employer:

Health and security at work and when traveling

Safety in the workplace is a primary concern of Roland Berger. Each of our employees must comply with all applicable health and safety policies. We maintain compliance with all local and international laws, and internal guidelines have been developed to help maintain a secure and healthy work environment.

Our international growth and the increasing number of international project assignments require pre-travel advice and travel support for our employees. To offer optimal care and coverage for travel, we have engaged a global service provider to support our employees in medical, health, insurance and security matters.

Code of conduct

We continuously strive to pursue success and quality. We depend on the full commitment of all our employees. We respect all people we work with, both clients and Roland Berger employees across all hierarchical levels. Therefore, we have compiled a Code of Conduct. (PDF, 463 KB) It documents our common understanding of quality and performance and is an element of our compliance system. It is supervised by the International Compliance Officer.

General Equal Treatment

Roland Berger prohibits sexual or any other kind of harassment or intimidation, whether committed by or against a supervisor, co-worker, client, vendor or visitor. Harassment, based on a person's race, gender, color, creed, religion, national origin, citizenship, age, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, ancestry, veteran status or socioeconomic status, is repugnant and completely inconsistent with our tradition of providing a respectful, professional and dignified workplace.

Career development programs

The personal and professional development of our employees is important to us. Click here   for more information regarding our career development programs.

Diversity Charter

As diversity has always been an integral part of our values and the company's success, Roland Berger was among the first signatories of the Diversity Charter, an initiative launched by the German government. With this declaration of intent, the nearly 300 signatories (companies and public institutions) undertake to acknowledge the value of diversity and create a working environment that is free of prejudice.

Diversity is certainly an opportunity – businesses stand to profit from a diversified workforce. The Charter is also intended as a sign that the differences among the workforce, customers and business partners are acknowledged and valued.

Work and family

Balancing career and family in the consulting world is not always easy. That's why Roland Berger is fostering a family-friendly corporate culture that takes family needs into account. The company works to find solutions that satisfy everyone – whether it's a temporary reduction in working hours or the option to work from home when a child is ill. Furthermore, we offer our employees support in setting up child care.

In Germany, we successfully passed the Non-profit Hertie Foundation's "berufundfamilie" audit® ("work and family"). The work and family audit is a management tool designed to promote a family-friendly HR policy. The audit highlights company-specific areas with potential for development and sets goals which are later reviewed. For more information please click here.  

Career stages at Roland Berger
Charta der Vielfalt
beruf und familie

Our Code of Conduct (PDF, 463 KB) is binding for all Roland Berger employees.