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Read our newest publications on your tablet.

The Roland Berger Kiosk provides 24/7 mobile access to what our firm offers in terms of published thought leadership, all in one place. The publications are available as eMags, optimized for tablets and free to download. Several publications, notably the most recent think: act magazines and think: act CONTENT issues, are enhanced with audio and video clips, additional interviews and other exclusive content not available elsewhere.

All our publications will still be available on our website.They can be ordered or downloaded.

For further questions please refer to our contact page.

How to get the Roland Berger Kiosk app

Here's how to access the Kiosk with all its visuals, sound bites, videos and interactive elements. Get the app, select an e-magazine and enjoy it any time, even if you're offline.


Search for "Roland Berger" in the App Store on iTunes   Click the "Free" button to download the Kiosk app. You may have to sign in with your personal iTunes account.


Download the Roland Berger Kiosk app for free via google play.   Go to the Play Store, search for "Roland Berger" and install the Kiosk app on your tablet.