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think: act – What is the worlds' most successful region?

Issue 9, 2007

What factors turn an economic region into a success story? Around the globe, this question occupies the minds of policy-makers and entrepreneurs—and nowhere is there a greater diversity of opinion than in Europe. How is the Continent positioned economically? How good are its companies, and which ones are the very best? And is there anything that business executives can learn from the “Old World”?

In this special edition of think:act, we want to deliver some answers. In cooperation with leading personalities from the worlds of business and academia, we analyzed 8000 companies in Europe and then selected the “Best of European Business” in the strongest economic regions. The examples of the winners and nominees, and the stories behind their success, are cause for optimism. The winning companies set worldwide standards for growth and profitability.

Our special “Corporate Social Responsibility” award demonstrates that companies taking their social responsibility seriously can even develop new business opportunities from it. Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, in his essay for think:act, says that this is where one of Europe’s strengths could lie. Other exclusive articles for this Europe issue come from Jorma Ollila, who calls for more innovation in Europe, and from Timothy Garton Ash, who is looking for Europe’s identity. George Clooney, Zaha Hadid and Rupert Murdoch share their vivid memories of Europe with us.


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