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Business Confidence Survey 2009

2009 - in cooperation with the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China

As in previous years, the survey examined the key confidence indicators of European businesses in China, including profitability, market access and government transparency. This year’s survey also asked questions pertaining to the impact of the crisis.

Specifically we wanted to gain a better understanding about the depth and breadth of its effect on members’ business, the new strategies they are adopting to cope with the crisis, and how their attitudes toward China – including long-term plans – have changed in its aftermath.

The 2009 findings show that virtually none of the respondents, of which there were more than 300 this year, came away unscathed from the crisis, with 98% of them reporting that it had impacted their businesses in China. But for most, that impact in China was dwarfed by the fallout in their domestic markets, with 71% indicating that the Chinese economy has proven more resilient than Europe or other traditionally strong markets where our members are headquartered globally.


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