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Automation – Time to find your true north

think:act STUDY


The aim of this study is to provide automation managers with practical guidelines and advicemon how to best meet the challenges that lie ahead. Customer requirements are changing hard and fast, business is shifting to new geographic regions, and the way automation companies conduct their business is changing too.

To remain competitive, companies must look beyond incremental opportunities and closely examine systemic and structural changes that have much greater potential to improve competitiveness.

Based on our decades-long experience, extensive research and 120 interviews with manufacturers, customers and industry organizations from Europe, the United States, Japan and China, we’ve compiled a long list of strategic actions that can help automation companies establish a sustainable business model.

We believe companies in each business model – standard components, complex components, problem solvers and system suppliers – need to redirect their attention back to their core strengths. Only when companies know where their true north is, can they know how to proceed forward. It’s this intimate knowledge that will enable them to select the best growth options for their business.

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