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Connected vehicle - conquering the value of data


There are a whole series of specific reasons why networking is at last finding its place in the automobile. One has to do with progress in information technology: Broadband connections, cloud computing and new data networks such as LTE now make fast data links between vehicles and the world around them a realistic possibility.

At the same time, government-backed rules and regulations – such as traffic control regulations and the EU's new eCall emergency call system to improve road safety – are also driving this development. The wishes and expectations of consumers equally play a part.

By no means least, electromobility and new mobility systems such as car sharing and multimodal transport (the integration of local passenger transport services and private vehicles) are likewise facilitating the advance of the networked car.

At the same time, this development is forcing automotive engineering firms to rethink their business models. Why? Because it is giving non-automotive players the chance to enter the market too. That is why OEMs and suppliers must act now to consolidate their position on the market for networked automobility.


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