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Fuel Cell Electric Buses – Potential for Sustainable Public Transport in Europe


To reach carbon-neutrality and zero local emissions, deployment of electric powertrains is required. Seeking alternatives to diesel buses is crucial for realising the emissions reduction agenda as they are hazardous to the environment: A EURO VI diesel bus emits approximately 120 kg of CO2 per 100 km. They cause local air and noise pollution as well as vibrations that are harmful to health and impact the quality of living in our cities. Whereas significant improvements have been reached with the introduction of the EURO VI standard, further emissions reduction potential is limited.

This poses challenges to cities and bus operators in Europe as performance characteristics of diesel buses today are still difficult to match with zero emission powertrains: They feature high productivity, low deployment costs, high technological maturity as well as operational reliability and flexibility. Many cities and bus operators therefore struggle with shifting to zero emission powertrains while preserving operational flexibility and maintaining budgets under control.

The objective of this report is to provide an assessment of the commercialisation pathway for FC buses required to meet the aforementioned challenges.


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