M&A / Financial Advisory

M&A / Financial Advisory

Our M&A / Financial Advisory consulting services

Our consultants provide clients with investment banking services for sell-side/buy-side mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and with financial advisory services for financing, capital structure optimization and financial restructuring.

Sell-side advisory

Our mergers and acquisitions (M&A) sell-side advisory services involve providing guidance to firms from all industries that are looking to sell their business or a portion of their assets. Our main objective in such projects is to maximize the value of the transaction for the seller and ensure its ultimate success. Our end-to-end mergers and acquisitions sell-side advisory services include valuation, preparation (including teasers, information memoranda and equity stories), buyer identification (long list and short list), due diligence, negotiation and transaction management, right up to signing and closing. Areas where our consulting experts can provide particular expertise include distressed situations (insolvency, trusteeship, turnaround), ShaaS solutions (shareholding-as-a-service as Plan B), succession (a new owner for the next generation) and corporate mergers and acquisitions (divestiture of non-core assets).

Buy-side advisory

On the buy side, our mergers and acquisitions advisory services focus on the acquisition of companies, business units and assets. Our main objectives here are to identify suitable target companies for acquisition by investors and then to facilitate successful transactions. Our mergers and acquisitions buy-side advisory services include acquisition strategy, target identification, due diligence, valuation analysis, negotiation, financing options (debt financing or equity investment) and transaction management. We are able to oversee the entire acquisition process, bringing in the expertise of our legal and financial advisors and ensuring a smooth closing.

M&A strategy

In the area of mergers and acquisitions strategy, our strategic consulting experts can help you to develop a comprehensive plan for your mergers and acquisitions activity in line with your specific objectives and geared towards business growth. The task here is to define the strategic goals and objectives that the firm hopes to achieve through its mergers and acquisitions activity, be that market expansion, diversification, exploiting synergies or simply achieving competitive advantage within its own industry. Our strategy consulting services include portfolio streamlining, corporate development, buy-and-build and joint ventures.

Financial Advisory

The focus of our financial advisory services is evaluating the firm's ability to service debts, taking liquidity and capital structure into account. This includes using our expertise to optimize capital costs and identify refinancing levers, if necessary evaluating alternative sources and coordinating the various financing partners. In our advisory work we frequently develop financing concepts for finance-raising via banks, asset-backed lenders, private debt and promissory loans and bonds, including acquisition financing and project financing. Our debt restructuring consultants advise firms from all industries on how to restructure their existing debt obligations and improve cash flow, reduce interest costs and enhance their overall financial stability. This can involve negotiating with lenders, refinancing debt or modifying repayment terms.

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