Our digital consulting services

Digital transformation can be a complex, multifaceted process. At Roland Berger we offer a comprehensive consulting service to guide you through every aspect. This could include creating a tailored digital or AI strategy, modernizing IT infrastructure, unlocking new potential via data analytics or optimizing software solutions. Whatever the challenge, our digital transformation consulting team will help you identify and implement the right solution.

Artificial Intelligence

The rapid advancement of Artificial Intelligence raises numerous questions for CxOs across all industries. To guide organizations in implementing the right solutions, we combine our proprietary Roland Berger act.AI suite of methodologies and tools with a deep understanding of the industries our clients operate in.

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Digital Strategy & Digital Organization

A robust digital strategy fosters agility, innovation and collaboration. From large language models to automation, it enables businesses to identify emerging trends, tap into new markets and deliver personalized customer experiences. By becoming a digital leader, you can secure your position at the forefront of your industry. We empower organizations to embrace transformation, leverage digital capabilities and unlock their full growth potential.

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IT Excellence

Cutting-edge IT infrastructure offers a high return on investment. It is a catalyst for success across almost all industries, improving security, resilience and value creation. By improving data analytics and process automation a business can run more efficiently and generate higher margins. Our consulting team can help craft a tailored IT strategy and execute a full IT transformation, including the shift to SAP's S/4HANA.

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Analytics & Platform Solutions

Powerful digital technologies can drive informed decision making. We offer a compelling blend of technical skills and business insight to help turn complex data into insightful, actionable strategies. We offer end-to-end support, from developing data infrastructure to designing and implementing use cases. Whether improving operational efficiency, creating new revenue streams or enhancing customer experience, our data-driven solutions provide the right structure for your success.

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Corporate Venture Building

Corporate venturing can accelerate growth, create more user-centric innovation and tap into emerging technologies. It can also transform the culture and mindset of an entire company. Yet, too often, these efforts fail to succeed or fulfil their potential. Roland Berger can help. We have extensive experience of successful business building across many industries, including automotive, telecommunications and insurance. This enables us to provide comprehensive support in identifying and implementing the right approach.

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Scaled Solutions

Digital transformation requires the integration of increasingly complex technologies. Our consulting services help you assess and optimize your IT, tools and processes. We offer software consulting, due diligence services for potential investors and software building for asset-based consulting and SaaS products. Our goal: to ensure technology is a strategic asset, not a liability.

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