Financial Services

Financial Services

Top-end management consulting

Demand for top-end management consulting in financial services is strong. The industry is facing unprecedented challenges: uncertain markets, regulatory pressure, increasing competition, ground-breaking innovations and diminishing margins. New technologies and startups are developing innovative products and channels, challenging established and traditional players, both in B2B and B2C. Financial customers of today are increasingly sensitive to cost, yet unwilling to compromise on quality. The question is, what do you do about it?

Are you looking for solutions to your challenges? At Roland Berger, we are continuously developing unique and proprietary solutions which can be applied in various fields of the FS industry. Through our solutions, we enable our clients to significantly improve their position and drive change within their industry.

Accompanied by strong sector expertise and building on the vast thought leadership we have developed in the field, we complement our offering through our open architecture model, in which carefully selected former senior executives form an integral part of the core partnership and leadership groups, thus supporting our client service teams from end-to-end.

Offering honest, straightforward guidance through an increasingly complex regulatory environment and competitive landscape, we not only contribute to a superior shareholder return but are also committed to taking a broader stakeholder perspective by enabling sustainable growth. We can help you rethink your strategies and incorporate new technologies into your business models. Outstanding know-how in restructuring and efficiency is in our DNA. Do not wait for the future to happen. Let us show you ways to shape your own sustainable future.

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