Roland Berger at COP28 in Dubai turning climate ambition into action

At Roland Berger, we are clear-eyed about the climate challenge. We already know that the first global stocktake since the Paris Agreement to evaluate progress on climate change will tell us that we are "off track" to meet the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. Indeed, according to the Sixth Assessment Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), we are currently heading for global warming of well over two degrees. Clearly, we must stop talking about reducing emissions and start actually doing something. It's time to turn our climate ambition into climate action.

We’re for making an impact

The 28th session of the UN climate change conference, COP28, was held at the Expo City Dubai from November 30 to December 12, 2023. And we were there to make an impact.

With our implementation power, we accelerate change to unlock climate action and ensure future-proof business models. That’s why we’re for more than just green. We’re for blue, yellow, and every color in nature where our actionable ideas enable us to cross barriers and unleash crucial progress. Nature and her vibrant colors inspire us to not only drive sustainability commitments, but to build a future where synergy between business growth and sustainability becomes an inseparable foundation for success.

We’re for accelerating change

One way that Roland Berger helps stakeholders accelerate change is by directly supporting them in their climate efforts. At Roland Berger, we are implementers at heart. Our biggest impact lies in helping clients become more sustainable – from reducing their carbon footprint to enhancing their use of resources. We also advise the public sector on the best frameworks for facilitating transformation in different industries. That is why we were also extensively involved in COP28 efforts on the ground.

Roland Berger ACTionZone

At COP28, we brought our implementation power to the table by setting up the Roland Berger ACTion Zone, an event series to facilitate in-depth discussions on different topics:

  • Cross-industry collaboration and sustainability transition in hard-to-abate sectors Watch the full session here
  • Circular SAF - a critical bridge to a sustainable future
  • The roaring '30s: A hydrogen acceleration story
  • What goes around, comes around - Circular economy in industrial manufacturing
  • Circularity as a key solution to biodiversity loss and climate change
  • Regenerative agriculture

See some event impressions in our video gallery below.


Cross-industry collaboration and sustainability transition in hard-to-abate sectors


Circularity as a key solution to biodiversity loss and climate change


What goes around, comes around - Circular economy in industrial manufacturing


The roaring '30s: A hydrogen acceleration story


Circular SAF - a critical bridge to a sustainable future

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Sustainable Innovation Forum

We were again headline partner of the Sustainable Innovation Forum, a format that unites heads of state and multilaterals, environment ministers, business leaders, investors, and NGOs alongside the UN Climate Change negotiations in Dubai. We were actively part of this discourse driving the transition towards a net-zero economy by opening the conference and joining different panel discussions and sessions on stage.

We also had some interesting discussions on pressing topics with our clients, partners and colleagues. See more in our video gallery below.


Paul Bou Chebl from Alstom about the role of the transportation and mobility sector


Denis Depoux about the outcomes of the Global Stocktake and China´s role at COP


Alex Xu about sustainable developments in China and the impact of CBAM mechanism


Drew Murphy about the impact of the private sector

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Alliance for Industry Decarbonization

As part of our knowledge partnership with the Alliance for Industry Decarbonization we were involved in the following events:

  • From nice to have to necessity - Accelerating decarbonisation through BECCUS
  • Empowering the energy transition: providing enough investment through collaborative private sector engagement
  • CEO roundtable: Accelerating implementation of Industrial Decarbonization
  • Green hydrogen unveiled: A cross-industry dialogue for sustainability

Waste & Resources Pavilion

We were main sponsor of the first “Waste and Resources Pavilion” at COP28, located in the Blue Zone, where we hosted multiple events around circular economy, decarbonised waste management and environmental preservation.

We’re for pioneering new solutions

Our goal is to turbocharge the transition to a sustainable, circular economy. Through joint projects and research, Roland Berger consultants work with a broad set of stakeholders from governments, academia and civil society to develop innovative approaches to current challenges.

We are always on the lookout for opportunities to pioneer new solutions. For example, at COP28 we launched a ground-breaking global standard for waste recycling, developed together with BEEAH Group, the leading sustainability and digitalization expert in the Middle East, and the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA). Based on blockchain technology, this global market-based incentive scheme will bring together waste producers and waste management providers, awarding producers "recycling credits" to help them meet their sustainability targets. Another recent project that we were involved in is the global thinktank Green Block, launched together with Crypto Oasis Ventures, a leading venture builder. Green Block aims to accelerate and promote the use of Web3, blockchain and AI technology for ESG projects. In addition to these projetcs, there are other initiatives that will be launched soon.

We’re for leading by example

In order to secure sustainable growth, the world must master a range of business, environmental and social challenges. At Roland Berger, we believe that we should run our business accordingly, leading by example. For more on our commitment to sustainability, click here .

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